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For Masters Degree Only

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All requests for refunds due to visa refusal must be submitted in writing to the Pickaplace admissions office together with a copy of the Student’s passport and the visa refusal letter. To minimize the risk of visa refusal, all Students planning to study in the Aborad or any other countries are strongly recommended to follow visa advice offered by education agents or official visa agencies in their home country. Students planning to study in the Abroad who are not applying through education agents in their country will be offered free visa counselling from a Pickaplace Visa Advisor providing they have a CAS issued by Pickaplace . However, all students should be aware that the final decision for the grant of any visa is made by the UK Home Office any other countries. Accordingly Pickaplace does not accept responsibility of any kind for either the counselling offered by the Pickaplace Visa Advisor or any decision to reject, defer or otherwise not accept a visa application by the UK Home Office any other countries. In order to be eligible for a refund of their Tuition Fee Deposit or Accommodation Holding Fee on the grounds of visa refusal, Students must have followed the advice given to them by either a Pickaplace Visa Advisor or a visa counsellor from a visa agency in their country. In the case of the latter, Students may be requested to prove to Pickaplace reasonable satisfaction that they are receiving advice from such a counsellor. Administration Fees, Tuition Fee Deposits and Accommodation Holding Fees are non-refundable prior to enrolment. In circumstances where Pickaplace decides to issue a discretionary refund prior to enrolment however, Pickaplace will retain any Administration Fee already paid and deduct a fee of $300 (“Course Cancellation Fee”) from the refunded amounts. Requests for refunds before enrolment will normally be processed within 6weeks of receipt by Pickaplace of a properly completed form. The Course Cancellation Fee reflects the cost of processing the refund. REFUNDS AFTER ENROLMENT Unless the Student is cancelling in accordance, once the Student has commenced the Programme, Accommodation Fees, Tuition Fees and Other Fees are all non-refundable, except for those paid for any Remaining Term (being any future Term a Student is scheduled to complete which is not a Current Term or a Confirmed Term) where: The Student transfers to another recognised UK and any other countries institution in which case Pickaplacetravels shall refund any Tuition Fees upon the Student’s provision of documents evidencing and offer for a full time Programme of study; or the Student returns to their home country due to extenuating circumstances as authorised at the College’s discretion in which case Pickaplace may at its discretion refund any Accommodation Fees and/or Tuition Fees on receipt of a copy of the Student’s passport or other document proving return to the Student’s home country provided that the Student is not able to recover such amounts under his or her insurance policy; In respect of Accommodation Fees only, the Student vacates his or her accommodation and Pickaplace finds a replacement tenant for such accommodation for the period of any Remaining Term; or the circumstances (Program changes) apply. Refunds relating to Accommodation Fees, Tuition Fees or Other Fees paid in relation to any one or more Remaining Terms that are not subject to the provisions of section above shall be considered at the College’s discretion. The Student shall submit a written request for such a refund to the College using the prescribed form available upon request from the College within three calendar

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